The Seawolves Are Mentioned in the Following Books and Videos

Books By Seawolves

Triumphant Warrior, The Legend of the Navy's Most Daring Helicopter Pilot
Peter D. Shay, Casemate, 2019

We Thought We Were Invincible
Peter D. Shay,, 2008           Visit Dr. Art's Website

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Seawolf Five-Five
Richard Hargis, Publishing, 2004
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Just a Regular Guy
Charlie Morris, iUniverse, Inc, 2006
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When Johnnie/Joanie Comes Marching Home
Captain Lester L. Westling,, 2006
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The Man I Didn’t Know: The Stories of Wives and Families of Veterans Who Are Effected with PTSD
Dr. Art Schmitt & Marie Leduc, 2006
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Fire from the Sky
Richard Knott, Naval Institute Press, 2005
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River Rats
Ralph Christopher, Authorhouse, 2005
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Seawolf 28
Al Billings,, 2004
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A War With No Name
Dr. Art Schmitt,, 2003
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US Navy Seawolves
Daniel E. Kelly,, 2002
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Seawolves, First Choice
Daniel E. Kelly, Random House, 1998
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Seawolf History

By James D. Sprinkle
The article is in the AAHS Journal (American Aviation Historical Society)
Volume 33, Number 4, Winter 1988, Pages 290-310
Available from Seawolf Merchandise

Books Mentioning Seawolves

Leave No Man Behind: The Saga of Combat Search and Rescue
George Galdorisi and Tom Phillips, Zenith Press 2008
Papa Bravo Romeo
Wynn Goldsmith, Mass Market Paperback, 2000
Flying Black Ponies
Kit Lavell, Naval Institute Press, 2000
Man of the River
SMC Jimmy R. Bryant USN (Ret.), Sergeant Kirklands Press, 1998
Rogue Warrior
Richard Marcinko, Pocket Books, 1991
Death in the Jungle, Diary of a Navy SEAL
Gary R. Smith
Pocket Books 1994
Death in the Delta, Diary of a Navy SEAL
Gary R. Smith, Pocket Books 1995
Master Chief, Diary of a Navy SEAL
Gary R. Smith Pocket Books 1996
Teammates: SEALS at War
by Barry Enoch Pocket Books 1997
Good To Go: SEAL Team Two
H. Constance & R. Fuerst Morrow & Co 1997
Don Sheppard, Presidio Press, 1994
Lt. Cmdr Michael J. Walsh, USN(ret) Simon & Shuster Inc. 1995
SEALS UDT/SEAL Operations in Vietnam
T.L.Bosiljevac, Pocket Books, 1990
US Special Forces
by Peter McDonald, Bison Books, 1990
The Vietnam War
Ray Bonds, Crown Publishers, 1979
SEALS in Action
Kevin Dockery, Avon Books, 1991
Inside the Navy SEALS
Gary Stubblefield, Motorbooks International, 1995
Hunters and Shooters
Bill Fawcett, Wm Morrow & Co, 1995
Brown Water, Black Berets
Thos J. Cutler LCDR, USN, Naval Institute Press, 1988
The Naval Air War in Vietnam
P. Mersky & N. Polmar, N&A Publishers,1981
US Navy: Vietnam"
Naval Institute Press, 1969
Riverine, A Pictorial History
Jim Mesko, Squadron/Signal Publications,1985
Vietnam: The Helicopter War
Philip Chinnery,Naval Institute Press,1991
Vietnam: The Naval Story
Frank Uhlig Jr.,Naval Institute Press, 1986
Edwin P. Hoyt Dell Publishing 1997
United States Naval Aviation Patches: Aircraft/Attack Squadrons/Helicopter Squadrons
Michael L. Roberts Schiffer Military/Aviation History, 1995
The Attack Helicopter
John Cook, U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings. No. 836 (October 1972): 97-100
Navy Gunship Helicopters in the Mekong
Daniel Dodd, U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings. no. 783 (May 1968): 91-104
River Patrol Relearned
S.A Swartzrauber, U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings. no. 807 (May 1970): 120-157
The 'Seawolf' Helicopter Pilots of Vietnam
A.E.Weseleskey, U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings. no. 783 (May 1968): 128-130
Seawolves in the Delta
Naval Aviation News, (March 1970): 16-17
Navy Using Armed Helicopters in Vietnam
Aviation Week and Space Technology, May 20, 1968
River Patrol Insignia of the United States Navy(Vietnam) 1966-1972
by Scott Kraska & Stephen Kirby 2009
By Sea, Air and Land; An Illustrated History of the US Navy and the War in Southeast Asia
by Edward J. Marolda 1994
The US Navy in the Vietnam War; An Illustrated History
by Edward J. Marolda 2002
NAM - A Photographic History
by Leo J. Daugherty and Gregory Louis Mattson 2001
Vietnam Choppers - Helicopters in Battle 1950-1975
by Simon Dunstan
Duty Honor Sacrifice
by Ralph Christopher
Iron Butterfly - The True Story of an Elite Group of Men Who Wrote a Page in Naval History
by Ralph Christopher & Chief Jim Davy 2010

Excellent Books Written by Vietnam Army Pilots Mentioning the Seawolves Early History

Returning Fire - In the Beginning
by COL(Ret) James W. "Pete" Booth 2011
by Chuck Carlock 1995
Rattlers and Firebirds - Combat Action with an Assult Helicopter Company in Vietnam
by Chuck Carlock and Ron Seabolt 2004


Scramble the Seawolves
by Arballo Entertainment

The Seawolves of Vietnam
by Tully Entertainment

River Patrol, The Gamewardens Of Vietnam
Brown Water Productions
Swift Boats, Brave Sailors
by Brown Water Productions
Vietnam: River Rats
by Simitar Entertainment, Inc.
Attack Choppers
by Simitar Entertainment, Inc.
Navy Seals; America's Elite Warriors
Quality Video
Wings, Korea to Vietnam" (CD ROM)
Maris Multimedia