Applying For VA Benefits

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Automatic Qualifiers

1. Hearing Loss: Exposure to high frequency noises, engine noise, machine gun noise, rocket fire, explosions or mortar attacks.
2. Exposure to Agent Orange: Anyone who served in Vietnam is automatically eligible for evaluation for the types of cancer associated with Agent Orange. Diseases Associated with Agent Orange Exposure
Periphial Neuropathy added to Agent Orange Disease List New!
3. Type II Diabetes:
4. PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: Being exposed to constant fire from the enemy on combat flights causes your body to produce excessive amounts of adrenalin which cooks your brain permanently causing changes in the way you react to stressful situations for the rest of your life. You should be evaluated by a VA panel of experts to determine your level of disability. Provide your decorations, medals for valor and air medals and the unit citations the squadron received during your tour of service. You should write a letter detailing the conditions surrounding the decoration and it's effect on you.
Symptoms of PTSD
5. Injuries you received: Purple Hearts, medical records showing treatment for wounds and statements regarding crashes or being shot down while serving with the squadron.
6. Enroll as a Combat Veteran: You are qualified because of your service in HA(L)-3


You will need a copy of your DD-214. If you don't have your DD-214 you can request a copy from the National Archives at

Additionally, you should write a letter detailing your service and how it affected your life personally and your outlook on life as a result of your service. Supplemental letters from your family members about how your service with the squadron affected you and how you changed as a result of your service. Use the website to search for additional benefit for vets such as reduced property taxes, license plate fees, free passes to state parks and free hunting and fishing licenses. These benefits vary from state to state.

The Qualification Process

First of all, ask that you be represented by an ADVOCATE, they are available from the Disabled American Vets, the American Legion and other service organizations. You will take all of your documents to your local county Veterans Office and begin the filing process and talk to a representative for the Veterans Services. This process can take up to a year to complete, but your claim will be back dated to the date of application and the money is tax free. Once the process is complete, you should take your paperwork to the Social Security which will then give you a disabled rating.

Why You Should Do This

First of all, you deserve this benefit because you earned it! Secondly, it is tax free money and in today's economy you need to protect every dime you make.

Additionally, if you survive for ten years after the date of application, your wife receives approximately half of your disability benefit. You should also look into a benefit called "Aid and Attendance" which will pay you additional dollars if you need to move to a care facility and it covers both you and your wife. Everyone who served in the squadron is eligible.

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If a veteran is rated at 70% or better, and is over 62, he can qualify for unemployability and up his percentage of eligibility to 100%. At that level of disability he is also eligible for free dental care, semi-annual cleaning of his teeth and any dental work that needs to be done.

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