Partial List of Aircraft Serial Numbers

From Army Records
From Sid Nanson

I have several reels of Navy microfilm that record each aircraft's use by unit and date. Attached is a list of aircraft that were stricken from the Navy inventory, whilst on charge with HA(L)-3.

They are listed by serial number, TOC=Taken on Charge with HAL-3, SOC=Struck off Charge. If the date of the accident which caused the strike is known that date is listed. W/O is written off, normally on the date of the strike. However, if there is evidence that the aircraft suffered some previous damage that related to the strike action, that is also noted and the date of the damage, if known. Those recorded as "Admin" are probably those transferred back to the US Army. Where I have listed the type as UH-1C/M it is due to the fact that the aircraft was converted as such whilst in your units charge. Please note that at least 2 aircraft were used by HAL-3 twice.

All this information is taken from official sources, so as with anything like that, a little bit of common sense has to be used, I would estimate these records to be 95% correct.

201970 UH-1B 3-Dec-70 4-Dec-70 Admin
212515 UH-1B 27-Jan-68 3-Jul-68 Written Off
212518 UH-1B 12-Mar-68 27-Mar-69 Written Off
212541 UH-1B 1-Oct-67 6-Mar-68 Written Off
212542 UH-1B 15-Jan-70 3-Aug-71 Admin
212543 UH-1B 12-Aug-71 15-Jan-72 Admin
212546 UH-1B 24-Mar-69 29-Apr-69 Written Off
212549 UH-1B 6-Nov-67 16-Apr-68 Written Off
312908 UH-1B 1-Nov-68 27-Mar-69 Written Off
312922 UH-1B 13-Nov-67 9-Jan-68 Damaged 3-Jan-68
312923 UH-1B 10-Jun-68 24-Sep-69 Written Off
312923 UH-1B 21-Nov-70 29-Feb-72 Admin
312929 UH-1B 27-Sep-70 23-Dec-70 Written Off
312930 UH-1B 8-Nov-70 24-Feb-72 Admin
312931 UH-1B 15-Sep-68 15-Sep-69 Written Off
312944 UH-1B 5-Feb-71 12-Apr-71 Written Off
313988 UH-1B 27-Sep-69 5-Jan-70 Written Off
413903 UH-1B 1-Jan-70 15-Sep-70 Written Off
413911 UH-1B 19-Jun-68 18-Oct-70 Admin
413919 UH-1B 8-Nov-70 24-Feb-72 Admin
413924 UH-1B 9-Oct-69 25-Nov-70 Admin
413939 UH-1B 24-Jul-70 2-Jun-71 Admin
413940 UH-1B 1-Oct-67 12-Jun-68 Admin
413942 UH-1B 6-Nov-68 12-Feb-69 Damaged 31-Jan-69
413943 UH-1B 7-Dec-70 24-Feb-72 Admin
413948 UH-1B 18-Aug-71 19-Nov-71 Admin
413949 UH-1B 1-Oct-67 19-Feb-68 Admin
413952 UH-1B 18-Jan-70 22-May-70 Written Off
413956 UH-1B 26-Mar-70 15-Sep-70 Written Off
413958 UH-1B 28-Dec-68 23-Jan-69 Admin
413969 UH-1B 1-Oct-67 12-Aug-68 Written Off
413975 UH-1B 28-Nov-67 5-Jan-71 Admin
413980 UH-1B 12-Sep-70 11-Aug-71 Admin
413982 UH-1B 1-Oct-67 15-Nov-67 Admin
413985 UH-1B 1-Oct-67 19-Oct-68 Admin
413989 UH-1B 1-Oct-67 4-Jul-68 Admin
413990 UH-1B 18-May-70 24-Feb-72 Admin
414003 UH-1B 1-Oct-67 2-Feb-68 Admin
414007 UH-1B 17-Feb-71 6-Feb-72 Admin
414013 UH-1B 6-Nov-68 8-Jul-69 Admin
414020 UH-1B 21-Apr-70 29-Feb-72 Admin
414022 UH-1B 28-Nov-68 5-Jul-71 Admin
414031 UH-1B 6-Nov-68 20-Apr-70 Damaged 13-Apr-70
414033 UH-1B 12-Sep-70 29-Jan-71 Admin
414036 UH-1B 2-Nov-68 24-Dec-68 Admin
414040 UH-1B 26-Aug-69 14-Sep-70 Admin
414070 UH-1B 12-Sep-70 14-Sep-71 Admin
414076 UH-1B 5-Oct-69 6-Feb-72 Admin
414081 UH-1B 18-Oct-70 19-Nov-71 Admin
414083 UH-1B 2-Nov-69 2-Sep-71 Written Off
414084 UH-1B 1-Oct-68 28-Oct-68 Admin
414087 UH-1B 2-Aug-71 15-Feb-72 Admin
414090 UH-1B 1-Oct-67 22-Nov-68 Admin
414090 UH-1B 10-Jun-70 20-Jan-72 Admin
414091 UH-1B 4-Aug-71 12-Feb-72 Admin
414094 UH-1B 12-Sep-69 11-Mar-70 Written Off
414117 UH-1M 3-Nov-71 6-Mar-72 Admin
414145 UH-1C 23-Nov-70 10-Mar-71 Admin
600540 UH-1C 17-Jan-71 17-Mar-71 Admin
600546 UH-1C/M 17-Jan-71 25-Aug-71 Admin
600610 UH-1C/M 11-Jul-71 31-Aug-71 Written Off
615017 UH-1M 20-Dec-71 17-Feb-72 Admin
615077 UH-1C/M 11-Jul-71 4-Mar-72 Admin
615111 UH-1M 7-Sep-71 21-Feb-72 Admin
615200 UH-1C/M 17-Jan-71 28-Nov-71 Admin
615217 UH-1M 10-Sep-71 31-Dec-71 Admin
615236 UH-1M 8-Sep-71 4-Mar-72 Admin
621881 UH-1B 1-Nov-69 14-Aug-70 Admin
621882 UH-1B 2-Apr-69 13-May-69 Written Off
621935 UH-1B 1-Oct-67 4-Jun-70 Admin
621936 UH-1B 26-Jul-71 17-Feb-72 Admin
621970 UH-1B 3-Dec-70 15-Feb-72 Admin
621984 UH-1B 1-Oct-67 16-Aug-68 Admin
621985 UH-1B 12-Apr-71 29-Feb-72 Admin
622025 UH-1B 14-Jun-71 24-Feb-72 Admin
622029 UH-1B 3-May-68 24-Sep-68 Written Off
622031 UH-1B 2-Apr-69 5-Jan-71 Admin
622034 UH-1B 1-Dec-70 12-Jan-72 Admin
622038 UH-1B 27-May-69 29-Jan-71 Admin
622048 UH-1B 1-Feb-69 21-Oct-70 Admin
622058 UH-1B 8-Jan-68 27-Mar-69 Written Off
622060 UH-1B 10-Jun-69 24-Sep-69 Written Off
622075 UH-1B 12-Oct-68 17-Jul-70 Admin
622602 UH-1B 10-Oct-70 11-Nov-70 Admin
624567 UH-1B 5-Feb-71 30-Sep-71 Admin
624571 UH-1B 15-Jan-68 21-Oct-70 Admin
624578 UH-1B 1-Oct-67 8-Nov-67 Admin
624579 UH-1B 30-May-69 3-Oct-70 Written Off
624582 UH-1B 27-Jan-68 25-Jun-70 Admin
624584 UH-1B 1-Oct-67 13-Aug-69 Written Off
624597 UH-1B 17-Aug-71 3-Feb-72 Admin
624602 UH-1B 10-Oct-70 20-Sep-71 Written Off
624604 UH-1B 21-Nov-70 17-Feb-72 Admin
624897 UH-1B 17-Aug-71 18-Aug-71 Admin
628712 UH-1B 12-Oct-67 2-Jul-68 Written Off
628738 UH-1B 30-May-69 9-Jun-69 Admin
631034 UH-1B 10-Oct-70 19-Oct-70 Admin
638501 UH-1B 5-Jun-69 8-Apr-70 Written Off
638507 UH-1B 4-Jun-69 14-Dec-69 Written Off
638521 UH-1B 2-Aug-69 5-Sep-70 Admin
638524 UH-1B 10-Jun-69 17-Aug-70 Admin
638540 UH-1B 22-Jun-69 23-Aug-71 Admin
638544 UH-1B 10-Jun-69 17-Aug-70 Admin
638545 UH-1B 21-Feb-70 10-Nov-70 Admin
638547 UH-1B 3-Feb-69 5-Jan-71 Admin
638553 UH-1B 1-Oct-67 22-Nov-68 Damaged 15-Nov-68
638561 UH-1B 12-Oct-68 12-Feb-69 Damaged 24-Jan-69
638562 UH-1B 1-Oct-67 25-Aug-68 Written Off
638568 UH-1B 6-Jun-69 4-Dec-69 Written Off
638587 UH-1B 1-Oct-67 12-Oct-67 Admin
638589 UH-1B 5-Feb-71 18-Oct-71 Admin
638603 UH-1B 1-Oct-67 28-Apr-69 Written Off
638607 UH-1B 24-Jan-69 23-Mar-69 Written Off
638610 UH-1B 10-Feb-68 21-Feb-70 Written Off
638614 UH-1B 1-Oct-67 15-Nov-67 Admin
638643 UH-1B 2-Jul-68 22-May-70 Damaged 8-May-70
638650 UH-1B 13-Nov-67 5-Jan-68 Damaged 22-Dec-67
638664 UH-1B 2-May-69 30-Aug-69 Written Off
638666 UH-1B 27-Sep-70 13-Sep-71 Admin
638672 UH-1B 1-Oct-67 9-Nov-67 Damaged 1-Nov-67
638679 UH-1B 23-Aug-71 12-Feb-72 Admin
638680 UH-1B 28-Nov-68 29-Apr-69 Written Off
638683 UH-1B 2-Jul-68 12-Sep-68 Written Off
638685 UH-1B 14-Sep-68 7-Apr-69 Admin
638694 UH-1B 1-Oct-67 5-Sep-70 Admin
638711 UH-1B 15-Jul-68 10-May-70 Admin
638715 UH-1B 18-Oct-70 22-Feb-71 Written Off
638727 UH-1B 13-Nov-67 21-Jun-68 Damaged 19-Jun-68
638738 UH-1B 30-May-69 8-Feb-71 Admin
659423 UH-1M 7-Sep-71 21-Feb-72 Admin
659476 UH-1C 23-Nov-70 4-Mar-72 Admin
659548 UH-1M 19-Nov-71 24-Feb-72 Admin
666535 UH-1M 27-Nov-71 29-Feb-72 Admin
666599 UH-1M 8-Sep-71 4-Mar-72 Admin
666655 UH-1M 9-Sep-71 4-Mar-72 Admin
666691 UH-1M 11-Jan-72 21-Feb-72 Admin
157187 HH-1K 17-Feb-71 18-Oct-71 Written Off
157200 HH-1K 31-Oct-70 14-Mar-72 Atsugi
157202 HH-1K 31-Oct-70 16-Mar-72 Atsugi
157203 HH-1K 31-Oct-70 12-Dec-70 Damaged 29-Nov-70
157851 UH-1L 11-Dec-69 1-Jun-70 Written Off
157852 UH-1L 11-Dec-69 28-Mar-72 Atsugi
157853 UH-1L 11-Dec-69 23-Dec-71 Written Off
157854 UH-1L 11-Dec-69 3-Mar-72 Atsugi
157855 UH-1L 22-Jan-70 13-Mar-72 Atsugi
157856 UH-1L 22-Jan-70 10-Mar-72 Atsugi
157857 UH-1L 22-Jan-70 5-May-70 Damaged 26-Apr-70
157858 UH-1L 22-Jan-70 3-Mar-72 Atsugi

Totals UH-1B 116, UH1C/M 18, UH1L 8, HH1K 4