US Navy Helicopter Attack (Light) Squadron Three Seawolves, Vietnam 1966-1972

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President’s Message

President Pat Samel has announced that two association volunteers have agreed to step in to handle these important positions immediately: 

Membership Coordinator
Don Morgan - seawolf7071@hotmail.com

Duties include ensuring the qualifications of all applicants and sending recommendations to the Executive committee.

Education Fund Manager
Rich Lambert - kauaikat@yahoo.com
Duties include providing the details for the scholarship applicants and with additional assistance, providing the decision for award of the scholarships.

Please take the time to thank these Seawolf brothers for their help. In addition, if you think you can assist with any association matters, contact Pat Samel at the cell number listed in the current Wolfgram.

Do not fall for Facebook merchandise scams!!!!
Our Online Ship's Store is OPEN FOR BUSINESS!

In light of the ongoing issues with Facebook scams offering Seawolf merchandise, it's important to note that official Seawolf merchandise can only be purchased through our ship's store. It's also important that we all understand that this is a primary source of revenue with which the association provides scholarships and more.

Please continue to patronize our store and support our organization. Remember... Upon viewing your cart, and at checkout, you'll continue to need to print out your order and send that printout, with your check for the full purchase amount to:

Seawolf Association
c/o: Mike Dobson 
14272 HWY 99
Konawa, OK 74849

*If you have any questions regarding your order, email Mike directly at : ninelives@gci.net

Seawolf San Diego Honor Flight!!!!

To all you HA(L) 3 US NAVY SEAWOLVES who did your part and put your lives on the line for everyone who needed your help. Regardless of the dangers that awaited you in the jungles, swamps, and river banks of the Mekong Delta, you answered the call, loaded your aircraft, and flew into hostile territory to save your brothers on the ground. While taking enemy fire from the ground, you remained steadfast, risking your lives to save those that had no other hope for survival.
With the spirit of my father, Door Gunner Anthony "Rosie" Rosario, pushing me to take care of his brothers in arms, I am now shouting SCRAMBLE SEAWOLVES!!!
Although Rosie isn't here to experience his Honor Flight San Diego “Tour of Honor”, my wish is that you will join your Seawolves brothers on this special flight to honor and celebrate with the best and bravest men that this country has to offer.
Honor Flight San Diego is excited to be taking an ALL-Navy HA(L)-3 Seawolf roundtrip flight from San Diego, CA to Washington, D.C. from Sept. 30 to Oct. 2, 2022. We have reserved 100 seats on the charter airplane for Seawolves and our priority is to fill the plane with Seawolf brothers who live in the San Diego region and who will travel to San Diego. We will not know until Sept. 1, 2022 if there will be available seats on the buses for additional Seawolves to meet Honor Flight at the hotel in Baltimore and join the trip to the sites in Washington, D.C.
Navy HA(L)-3 Seawolves can go to: www.honorflightsandiego.org to complete an application for the trip originating in San Diego. There is NO COST to the Vietnam veteran for the 3-day Honor Flight (Fri-Sun) trip departing from and returning to San Diego.
NOTE: There is a known glitch in the application SUBMIT button, which should automatically send you an email informing you that your application had been submitted successfully... it currently isn't working. Be confident that it has been submitted and you will hear back soon via a phone call. They are currently working to get the function working properly.
Can't afford the cost to be included on the Honor Flight?
Gerald "Gary" Borck has created a special fund for all veterans (especially Seawolves) to assist veterans with the costs involved in getting to their Honor Flights. He's accepting donations and will provide cash to those in need of a hand.
Please feel free to contact Gary with any request for assistance or to provide a donation to the cause via email:
If you'd like to donate, make checks payable to:
Gerald Borck (HAL-3)
22413 Mountain View Road
Moreno Valley, California 92557

The Seawolf Association is looking for any personnel who were attached to HA(L)-3, HC-1, or FASU Binh Thuy. If you were, or know anyone who was, please contact us at (858) 524-9917. We do not have access to the official Navy records as they remain classified in the National Archives due to the covert nature of many of the operations, therefore, the only way we can locate fellow Seawolves is with your help.

On 3 January 1997, the Bureau of Naval Personnel authorized, retroactively, the awarding of the Combat Aircrew Insignia to Combat Aircrewmen who served in HA(L)-3. With this approval, we need to locate our doorgunners so they can be awarded these devices and accompanying certificate. To request the insignia, fill out and send in the attached affidavit.