US Navy Helicopter Attack (Light) Squadron Three Seawolves, Vietnam 1966-1972

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Hello Seawolves

by Joe Crutcher, Organization President

Hello Everyone , As we now move into this new year, 2021 , let me say that last year was a very challenging year. This Crazy Virus presented us with dangers that not only had serious health risks attached to it but also presented an array of obstacles toward  us that just made it very difficult to live and purely  enjoy what I would describe as a normal lifestyle. Thanks to all who banded together last year to help , remember and to offer prayers to those that were struggling through those difficult times. We must never forget that our …


All, On September 12th, 2021, I flew up to Rome, NY to take part in a dedication ceremony of a Seawolf replica as the centerpoint of the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial there. I was joined by Gary Markowicz (former gunner and two time Purple Heart recipient). Gary and I had become …

The Seawolf Association is looking for any personnel who were attached to HA(L)-3, HC-1, or FASU Binh Thuy. If you were, or know anyone who was, please contact us at (858) 524-9917. We do not have access to the official Navy records as they remain classified in the National Archives due to the covert nature of many of the operations, therefore, the only way we can locate fellow Seawolves is with your help.

On 3 January 1997, the Bureau of Naval Personnel authorized, retroactively, the awarding of the Combat Aircrew Insignia to Combat Aircrewmen who served in HA(L)-3. With this approval, we need to locate our doorgunners so they can be awarded these devices and accompanying certificate. To request the insignia, fill out and send in the attached affidavit.