Det. 1

Originally HC-1 Det 29, deployed to Vietnam July 4,1966, operated from the USS Jennings County (LST-846). Moved to the Gulf of Thailand in 1969 and operated alternately from 4 LST's, USS Terrell County (LST-1157) , USS Washoe County (LST-1165)USS Windham County (LST-1170) and USS Tom Green County (LST-1159). During the construction of Sea Float, until the day we moved on shore, every night mission was staged from Seafloat, with the off duty crew being on a LST due to limited berthing on Seafloat. When Solid Anchor was completed in 1970, Det 1 moved there permanently.

Det. 2

Based at Nha Be, originally HC-1 Det 27, the only det that didn't move to another location during the squadron's existance. Assigned the task of guarding the Long Tau shipping channel to Saigon, and patroling the Rung Sat Special Zone.

Det. 3

Originally HC-1 Det 25 based at Vinh Long Army Airfield, moved to Ha Tien in 1969, and finally to Ca Mau in 1970.

Det. 4

HC-1 Det 21 Deployed to Vietam in November, 1966, operated from the USS Garrett County (LST-786), under the command of OinC LCDR George (Rocky) Rowell. Flew with Army gunship companies, entered combat early 1967 when it was redesignated HC-1 Det 4 just prior to commissioning of HA(L)-3.

Det. 5

Activated in 1968, was stationed aboard the USS Hunterdon County on the Co Chien River, moved to Rach Gia, then went to YRBM-16, to Dong Tam, and finally to Chau Doc.

Det. 6

Activated in 1967, operated from Dong Tam, moved to USS Garrett County (LST-786) near Song Ong Doc, then land based at Song Ong Doc. Moved to Phu Loi May 1971.

Det. 7

Det 7 was at Binh Thuy until June 1969, and operated from a small helo pad out by the river in front of the enlisted barracks. It was just the SEALS, the PBR guys, Seawolves and a few of the FASU Binh Thuy enlisted. The pad had two trailers on it for the Officers and one for the enlisted. They were separated by a walkway with the corrugated steel used for a roof, and the whole thing was surrounded by wire. In April of 1969, the Seabee Detachment finished enough of the new base across the street, so the Det moved over there. We still went back to the old base to eat. We left mid June 1969 for Tay Ninh for what was supposed to be a short time. It ended up being permanent. In 1970, Det 7 moved to Dong Tam and was there until standdown.

Det. 8

Activated in June 1969, operated from Tay Ninh with Det 7, then moved to Rach Gia.

Det. 9

Activated at Binh Thuy in September 1969, then moved to YRBM-21 near An Long.
Top Row: LTJG Bob Turunen, LTJG "Skip" Soper, LTJG Mitch Brown, LTJG Tom Davis, LTJG Tim Wright, LTJG Ed Dyer, AS1 Bill Simpson, ADJ2 Harold Orem, LCDR Dick Strand. 2nd Row: LT Ron McDaniel, ADJ2 Tony Guptaitis, ADJ3 Barry Solomon, AE2 Anthony Rosario, ADJ2 John Perry. Sitting: AE3 Paul Albertine, AO2 Buzz Landy.

Sealords / Binh Thuy

Based at Binh Thuy (HAL-3 Headquarters), Sealords flew in "Slicks" or unarmed hueys, protected only by it's gunners. Missions included both logistical supply to outer detachments and insertion/extraction of Navy SEALS.