Purple Heart Canes (Eagle Head)


Important Notice

The Indian River Woodcarvers are no longer accepting applications for Eagle Head canes from individuals/Seawolves that live outside of Florida.

Below is a letter provided by Cheryl Gorczyca to the Seawolf Association, explaining the current circumstances.

Ted and Cheryl Gorczyca, and Lloyd Lasenby left the Indian Woodcarving Club due to the organization not handling the Purple Heart Eagle Head Cane Ceremonies properly and diminishing them to the point of non-existence to this date.

The Indian River Woodcarving Club no longer accepts applications from outside of Florida, they no longer have the ceremony at the SEAL Museum, due to “too much out of their day”, instead they are handing the canes out at different fairs or car shows in the areas in booths. They are no longer having a meals for the veterans that need medication or sustenance.

The three of us think better of our veterans and that they should have a day to remember. We are starting our own club, registering as a non-profit with the state of Florida, getting our name
trademarked and have applied for a 501c3. We have a board of directors and officers for the club and our first meeting will be 2/22/22. The SEAL Museum told the three of us quite a few years ago, that we could always use the museum permanently for the ceremony and to consider it own home.

Please take the information down from the Indian River Woodcarving Club and once everything is settled with the registration and name I could give that to you. In the meantime, you can use my email address to direct people with any questions about an eagle head cane.

Cheryl Gorczyca
6600 Lila Ct., Fort Pierce, Fla. 34951