A War With No Name

By Dr. Art Schmitt

I was honored to be asked by my good friend Commander Art Schmitt to write the forward to this book, A War With No Name. As you will learn from reading this book, Art was a hero in war. He answered the call to the service of out great country very early in his life, an he subsequently completed three combat tours in Vietnam. He did so willingly while many others shirked the responsibility. Now, by openly relating his own personal struggles with PTSD, Art has once again become a hero. And he has done so in peacetime. I most sincerely wish that his candor will provide solace and hope for all who suffer from this very real affliction, as well to their family members who have stood by during so many difficult times and circumstances. Art’s story is a real one. Many of his stories brought back for me memories long forgotten. To those of us young officers who found ourselves in the heat of battle literally weeks after being designated as new Naval Aviators, “Uncle Art” was a source of great strength, stability and trust. Of the 125 or so pilots in our squadron, over 100 were serving their first duty assignment. We were about as green as on could possibly be and yet we had to grow up very fast if we were to survive. Uncle Art took so many of us under his wing and showed us the ropes. He was a great mentor, leader and role model for us all. I was proud to call him my friend then, as I am proud to call him my friend now. This is his story.
Admiral Kevin Delaney