Seawolf Challenge Coin

The Seawolf Challenge Coin is made of solid brass with an antique finish, and the back has a place for you to engrave your det, SERE class, name/rank/service number, and Vietnam Dates. The proceeds from the Seawolf Challenge Coins go to our Scholarship Fund.

Seawolf Cartoon

Not everything that happened in Vietnam was horrible. In fact, sometimes things happened that were downright funny. Of course those that were there did tend to develop a sense of humor described as “strange” by those who stayed back home in what participants fondly remembered as the “world”, aka “land of the round-eyed women. Back in those days, the door …

Seawolf Memorabilia

Back in the world they were wearing peace symbols. Some of us were wearing these.   Fleshettes and a grenade ring made into a peace symbol.   Tail rotor chain made into a bracelet.   Military Payment Certificates (MPC).

Issued in Solemn Warning

Issued in Solemn Warning This _____ Day of _________, 1970. To __________________________. Dear Family, Friends, Civilians, Draft Dodgers, As assumed duty aid and as a service to the American personnel departing the Republic of Vietnam, this command, the famous Navy Seawolves, issues to you the following briefing containing some helpful hints that may make the readjustment easier for _______________ and …