The Great Seawolf Airshow

Larry Bradshaw

by AECS W. R. Rutledge

Come one, come all, for you must see
the great Seawolf Air Show from Dets one, Two and Three
no sleight of hand from Dets Four, Five And Six,
but with our weapons ,we do lots of tricks.
gunners on rocket pods like trapeze artists so fine,
you can see this all at Dets Seven, Eight And Nine.

So come on now Charlie, for we've got a date
we'll be there soon, so don't be late.
The paddies are dark as you well know,
so come on out Charlie for the Seawolf Air Show.

You've got our troops surrounded and giving them hell,
but they're not alone for we'll be there as well
Admission is free, just pay as you go,
so come on out Charlie, for the great Seawolf Air Show

You've got your Tet, we have our Fourth of July,
just keep shooting ,then look to the sky
we will put on the show anytime that you like
so come out Charlie, don't hike by that dike.

We have a song about the rockets red glare,
you can see it firsthand if you'll just stay right there
tell all of your relatives, and all of your friends,
for tomorrow night we will put the show on again.

We came with a full bag of rockets to show,
you can see them best by the full moons glow
We have minis, fifties, and sixties galore,
and if that's not enough, we will bring out some more.

We hope we haven't given your families too much grief,
but to the north we can hear crying and gnashing of teeth
By the dawns early light, a beautiful new day,
if you don't come to watch we will just fly away.

Many volunteered, they wanted to know,
if they had the stuff to make the Seawolf Air Show
Time and again we proved we were the best,
and history will show we stood out from the rest.

Not known by many in the U.S.of A.,
but you and I remember each and every day.
The army, the SEALs, and the river boats know,
for them we have put on many a good show.

For six long years we have performed our best,
we lost forty four, but all passed the test.
It's now seventy two, and we must go,
as the curtain comes down on the Great Seawolf Air Show.

Now every two years we gather and meet,
and reminisce about that glorious feat.
We pass it on down for our children will know,
that we served with pride in the Great Seawolf Air Show

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