Hello Seawolves

As our new and updated Seawolf Website nears completion let me send a “GREAT BIG THANK YOU” to Ed Pietzuch and Rick Racich for the tremendous work they have done to accomplish this.

After dedicating approximately 21 years of his life maintaining our Seawolf Association Website. Ed is desiring  to pass these responsibilities on and that is when Rick  volunteered to bring forth his Webworking knowledge and expertise to our Association, work with Ed to update our Seawolf site and  give Ed his much deserved break  by volunteering to assume the responsibilities and duties associated with  becoming Eds replacement.

When their current work is completed and they give me the “ thumbs up” I will formally and officially  announce any changes to the Website Coordinator Leadership position.

As I have been told this is also a test of the new President’s Message link.

  Thank you Ed and Rick.