Flash Back

from Wolfgram #3, December 1967
LT. Matt Gache

Our primary goal here in Vung Tau is to publicize the Seawolf reputation, but in order to do so, we need cooperation from you Dets in the Delta and Rung Sat. We can only reap the rewards of Public Relations if the people, not directly involved with HA(L)-3, read about what we are accomplishing here. The information must come from the source, that’s YOU.

If you are involved in a specifically successful action, call us here at headquarters giving us the particulars. We, in turn, will forward the fresh news to NAVFORV PAO in order that the fresh news can be utilized while it is still hot. At present, spotreps are the only source of information available to NAVFORV PAO. As you well know, there is a time lag between transmission and receipt. This can be overcome by a phone call.

Spotreps are often lacking in detail. A more complete description of any action is possible without sacrificing brevity. Remember, the most successful corporations are those who have an aggressive Public Relations Program. We Seawolves are directly responsible for furthering a new concept in Naval Aviation, the Attack Helicopter. We must get the word out about all of our successes.

Those of you on detachments who recieved orders to HA(L)-3 dated prior to 1 April 1967 are eligible PLANKOWNERS. Anyone who desires an engraved, suitable for framing, plankowners certificate, may order one through PAO Vung Tau. The price is $2.50. Det PAO’s pass the word to your detachment and collect the money along with the names spelled out as the individual would like engraved on his certificate. The names and money should be turned in to LT GACHE on your next visit to headquarters.

One more brief note: Clear all PAO coverage through the home office. Recent news releases have been recieved at Vung Tau containing errors. Unfortunately, these have already been released without any routing through Vung Tau.