Navy Seawolves
Seawolf Association Membership
Membership Requirements

1. Must have served with the SEAWOLVES, SEALORDS, or FASU BINH THUY to become a REGULAR or LIFETIME member.

2. ASSOCIATE MEMBERS may be any person who was affiliated with the above listed organizations or who has and interest in the organization or what it stands for.

3. FAMILY MEMBERS of those Killed in Action or who have died since returning from Vietnam are eligible as long as they wish to be affiliated with the organization.

MEMBERSHIP TYPE LIFETIME --$250.00 - Full Privileges

REGULAR - Dues $25.00 per year, Full Privileges

ASSOCIATE - Dues $25.00 per year, No Voting Privileges

FAMILY - $10 per year, no voting privileges

Members will receive a quarterly newsletter, the Wolfgram, and will receive a roster of the Seawolf Association yearly.

Membership Application